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  • Xiao Xiaosong
    Party Secretary and Chairman

    Advanced Individual in Shanghai Victory Contest

    Contributors to the construction of major projects in Shanghai

    Advanced production (worker) of Shanghai Construction Engineering Group

  • Cao Shiwei
    Deputy Party Secretary and General Manager

    China Shanghai World Expo Advanced Individual

    Contributors to Shanghai Ligong Competition

    Individuals of Shanghai Merit Contest

  • Geng Congying
    Member of the Party Committee, Secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection, and Chairman of the Trade Union

    Outstanding Party Worker of Shanghai Garden Group

    Shanghai Construction Engineering Group "Caring for the Masses and Party Members"

    Shanghai Garden Group Advanced Trade Union Worker

  • Chen Qi
    Deputy General Manager, Dean of Design Institute

    Advanced production (worker) of Shanghai Construction Engineering Group

    Landscape engineer

    Municipal Engineer MBA

  • Feng Yecheng
    Deputy General Manager, Chief Economist

    Outstanding builder of major projects in Shanghai

    "Worker Pioneer" in Shanghai Greening Appearance Industry

    Outstanding Project Manager of Shanghai Construction Enterprise

    Outstanding Project Manager of Shanghai Construction Engineering Group

  • Song Luqi
    Party committee member, deputy general manager

    Shanghai merit competition activity memorable individual Shanghai greening appearance industry labor competition advanced individual Shanghai Construction Engineering Group outstanding project manager

  • Sun Yi
    Deputy General Manager

    Nomination Award for "Top Ten Outstanding Young People-Expectation Award" of Shanghai Construction Engineering Group
    2011 Shanghai Construction Engineering New Long March Assaulter Shanghai Construction Engineering Outstanding Communist Party Member Shanghai Construction Engineering Outstanding Young Project Manager

  • Zhou Binqi
    Party committee member, deputy general manager

    Contributors to the construction of the Shanghai Meritorious Contest. Shanghai Meritorious Contributors. Individual Hongqiao Business District Meritorious Contest. Outstanding builder and advanced individual.

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    The first management department


    The first management department has constructed many major projects in Shanghai, and has overall management and control capabilities for the construction of comprehensive municipal garden projects. The iconic project Shanghai World Expo Park has become a masterpiece of the combination of nature and human landscape. It has won the Gold Award of the Excellent Landscape Architecture Project of the Chinese Society of Landscape Architecture. The applied water ecological landscape system technology has won the Shanghai Science and Technology Progress Award. The Shanghai World Expo Houtan Park uses ecological technology. Presented an original ecological wetland park, won the "White Magnolia" award in Shanghai construction project, and the "Garden Cup" high-quality engineering award in Shanghai; the transformation of Shanghai Zhongshan Park brought the Chinese and Western garden arts to each other, and won the "Garden Cup" high-quality project in Shanghai prize.

    The project management department has actively responded to the company's call to "go global" and has completed a number of projects with significant impact in other provinces and cities. Participating in the 2014 Qingdao World Horticultural Exposition won the highest honor of the quality of China's construction projects-the Luban Award; in Xinjiang Qitai County Ancient City Cultural Square, the construction of a full crown oversized tree was successfully transplanted, creating a miracle in the history of local greening construction. The backbone of the project management department took the lead and is now rooted in the southwest region, becoming the company's pioneer in the southwest market.

    Chongming Dongtan Wetland is a rare large-scale ecological restoration project in China. There is no standard for reference and no experience for reference. The project management department promotes the spirit of innovation, explores new technologies and new processes, and has developed a number of national patents and construction projects. The construction method provides reproducible and referenceable technical experience for the construction of similar wetland ecological restoration projects in the future.

    The project management department attaches importance to the construction of management team, constantly improves the organizational structure, perfects the staffing, and cultivates the ability of personnel. It is a team with a reasonable structure and tacit understanding.

    The second management department


    After years of running-in and training, the second management department has formed a team that is united and friendly, brave in challenging, innovative, and independent pioneering spirit.

    The project management department relies on its excellent overall coordination ability and professional technology, and the large-scale park green space and public construction supporting projects have been well received by the owners. Shanghai Guanghua West Lake Greenbelt and Shanghai Xuhui Riverside Greenbelt have won the Gold Award of the Chinese Academy of Landscape Architecture for their outstanding engineering quality; Shanghai Gucun Park has become the main venue of the annual Shanghai Cherry Blossom Festival; Shanghai Wujing built on a steel slag heap The Taiwan Wetland Forest Park is a new model for the harmonious development of human and nature, economic construction and ecological protection. It has won the China Human Settlement Environment Model Award. The Shanghai Center uses rich landscape elements and large trees to form 9 unique "hanging gardens." ", Creating a new height of indoor greening; the roof garden and vertical greening of Green Valley Plaza in Shanghai Hongqiao Business District were regarded as demonstration projects and won the Shanghai Gold Award for" Garden Cup "high-quality engineering.

    The project management department has exerted the spirit of "better, more refined, more distant" and actively rushed to the southwestern region of the motherland. It has opened the traffic landscape project from Daxikou to Nanguang in Yibin City, Central Park in Cuiping District, Yibin City, and Binjiangyan River The construction of large-scale projects such as infrastructure projects in the new district strives to add luster to the development of garden landscapes.

    Third Management Department


    The third management department takes "high-quality boutiques" as the construction goal, and many of the major projects in Shanghai that have been completed have become garden boutiques, contributing to the improvement of the urban environment. The third Yan'an Middle Road public green space built by the Ministry of Management is a classic of Shanghai's central green space. It has become a place for domestic peers to observe. It has won the first gold award of the excellent landscape greening project of the Chinese Society of Landscape Architecture; Gucheng Park, China Pudong Cadre College , Chenshan Botanical Garden, Minhang Cultural Park, Minhang District Outer Ring Ecology Special Construction Project and other large-scale projects all won the Shanghai Construction Project "White Magnolia" Award, Shanghai "Garden Cup" Quality Project Gold Award, Civilized Construction Site, Customer Satisfaction Project The city-level honors show that the project management department is a team with superb construction and standardized management.

    走出上海,建设的浙江丽水处州公园,仍是丽水目前规模最大、对当地山水美景、历史民俗演绎最完美的城市公园,项目荣获了中国风景园林学会优秀园林绿化工程金奖、丽水市建设工程九龙杯奖。 The project management department has been out of Shanghai since 2005. The Lishui Chuzhou Park in Lishui, Zhejiang, is still the largest city park in Lishui and the perfect interpretation of local landscapes and historical folk customs. The project has won the excellent landscape of the Chinese Society of Landscape Architecture Gold Award for Engineering, Kowloon Cup Award for Lishui Construction Project. The project management department is involved in the landscape construction of real estate projects, and has achieved good performance. The Shanghai Cinda Lanjue won the gold prize of the "Garden Cup" quality project in Shanghai.

    The project management department adheres to the "people-oriented, technology-leading" philosophy, establishes a growth platform for employees, maintains a good image for the company, and provides quality services to owners. With the spirit of tenacious struggle, the Xiangguan Management Department has become a pioneer in the construction of urban fine gardens and was awarded the honorary title of "Shanghai Model Workers Collective."

    The fourth management department


    The fourth management department upholds the concept of "Keep improving", provides high-quality real estate projects for high-end real estate developers such as China Resources, Greenland, Country Garden, SOHO China, and becomes their long-term partner, enjoying a good reputation in the real estate industry. Nine Mile on the Bund of Shanghai won the Gold Award of the Excellent Landscape Architecture Project of the Chinese Society of Landscape Architecture; Shanghai China Resources Central Park Residential Area and Shanghai Shangpu Famous Residence won the Shanghai "Garden Cup" Quality Project Gold Award; The construction of unconventional landscapes, including special-shaped paving, characteristic water features, and roof gardens, was completed in only three months, and was rated as an outstanding partner by the owner.

    In the construction of the real estate project, the project management department has trained a group of outstanding project managers who can stand on their own. Now they are active in large-scale projects such as parks and green spaces, municipal supporting projects, etc., and have made the real estate projects “strictly required and high quality”. Standards were used in the construction, creating many fine urban gardens. The renovation of Shanghai Aisi Children's Park and Shanghai Quyang Park brought new glory to the old park, and won the Shanghai Gold Award for "Garden Cup" high-quality engineering. The Shanghai Garden of the 10th China (Wuhan) International Garden Expo is the new technology and new technology. The masterpieces of new materials have won three awards of high-quality engineering, plant configuration, and architectural sketches in the fair; in the construction of the PPP project of Wenjiang Oujiangkou New District Municipal Engineering, carry forward the pursuit of exquisite style and build a benchmark boutique landscape, Highly appreciated by the owners.

    Fifth Management Department


    The fifth management department takes good quality as the service tenet, young employees as the backbone, and hard work and innovation as the team spirit, and builds every project with great care.

    The project management department always adheres to the innovative thinking and the spirit of hard work, and has completed many excellent garden landscape projects. Shanghai South Railway Station Plaza's landscape-first construction organization method has made the landscape effective at the completion of the project and won the "White Magnolia" award of Shanghai Construction Project. The research and development center of AVIC Commercial Aviation Engine Co., Ltd. successfully applied water purification technology and obtained Shanghai "Garden Cup" Quality Engineering Award; the transformation of the ancient garden of Shanghai continues the artistic essence of Chinese classical gardens and introduces new ones. It has won the "White Magnolia" Award of Shanghai Construction Project, the "Garden Cup" Quality Engineering Award of Shanghai, and Customer satisfaction projects and other honors; The 3rd China (Tianjin) Greening Expo Shanghai Infinite Garden won the Silver Award of Excellent Exhibition Park and the Best Application of New Achievements in Forestry Technology for its exquisite sketches and scientific planting.

    In the construction of Shanghai Huaxiang Greenland, the project management department fully demonstrated the business management capabilities of the "secondary operation". Through the innovation of technology and perfect management, the goal of increasing income and reducing costs was achieved, and the profit was turned into profit. The landscape quality has become a masterpiece of integrated multi-professional innovation in water conservancy, architecture, and landscape. The project has been rated as a major civilized construction site in Shanghai.

    After repeated exercises of large-scale and difficult projects, the project management department has cultivated a young team capable of overcoming difficulties and adapting to difficulties, and has worked hard and shined in the construction of garden landscapes in various places.

    The sixth management department


    The sixth management department has comprehensive management and control capabilities of garden landscape construction, of which the civil construction capability is particularly outstanding. In the construction of landscape engineering, many classic architectural sketches with exquisite craftsmanship have been presented. Shanghai World Expo Park used new materials and new technologies to build a large area of ecological water-permeable pavement; the waterfront walkway, characteristic theme sculptures and old factory buildings in Houtan Park became the finishing touch; the Zhongshan Water Park in Mu uses "steel bone The "wood muscle" structure solves the problem of the limited space for the wooden structure of ancient buildings; Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden stabilizes the super-high pile land shape with innovative ground treatment; Shanghai Disneyland's beautifully carved landscape sketches are beautiful; The reconstruction of Shanghai Zhongshan Park maintains its original appearance and maintains the old buildings as they are; the newly-shaped buildings in Shanghai Huaxiang Greenbelt have become the highlights of the project; the construction of the ancient city cultural square in Qitai County, Xinjiang has solved the extreme cold temperature and affected large areas. Adverse effects of paving.

    Sponge city is a key area of the company's recent development. The project management department actively implements the concept of "scientific and technological innovation". It continuously explores and practices in the construction of the sponge city construction demonstration point project in Xining and the construction of Shanghai Baoshan Baisha Park. In the technical level in this field, we can accumulate useful experience.

    The project management department will continue to implement the "quality-oriented, abide by contracts, scientific management, excellence" concepts, and strive to contribute more garden quality projects.

    Ninth Management Department


    The ninth management department is a young and energetic team formed for the Shanghai Disney Project. In the construction of the Shanghai Disneyland Dream World Garden Landscape Project, it has demonstrated a responsible and dare-to-be spirit. "Golden Cup Collective", "Worker Pioneer" and the 2016 Shanghai Construction Engineering Major Project Merit Competition Excellent Team and other honorary titles.

    In order to successfully complete the Disney project, the project management department learns and researches related technologies in advance, and through exploration and practice of immature theme construction in China, it presents exquisite and realistic stone-like rockery, wood-like stools, distressed railings, and theme paving. , Highlighting the features of the theme park. The project management department has now mastered a variety of subject construction technologies, and continues to study new technical processes, and strives to become a leader in construction in this field.

    After the training of the Disney project, the ninth management department has trained a group of highly qualified personnel with strong professional capabilities, scientific working methods, and rigorous attitudes. They uphold the concepts of integrity and pragmatism, teamwork, and complementary functions, making each construction project appear Exquisite construction skills and perfect engineering quality.

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