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    Human Resources Manager: Liang Rongmei

    Phone: 021-52706247

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  • Water supply and drainage engineer

    Number of Recruitment: Unlimited

    Educational requirements: Bachelor degree or above

    Professional requirements: water supply and drainage major

    Working years: more than 10 years

    Salary treatment: Negotiable, good benefits

    Work location: Shanghai

    Arrival time: Negotiable

    Post requirements:

    1. More than 10 years of working experience in a related design institute, holding a professional engineer certificate in water supply and drainage;

    2. Familiar with CAD and other software related to the design of construction equipment and proficient in using various office software;

    3. Have research spirit, strong ability to analyze and solve problems and communicate and coordinate;

    4. Responsible for work, careful and rigorous, dedicated and pragmatic, and have good professionalism and teamwork spirit;

    5. Those who hold the certificate of registered water supply and drainage engineer are highly recruited.

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